Types of Loans and Tips when buying your loan

Types of loans:

There are a types of loans which are classified according to the need to seek cover or the type of guarantee offered; the most common are personal loans and mortgage loans.

Personal loans

This type of loan is used to finance the specific needs at any given time, with a small amount; It is similar to the consumer loan, except that it is used for travel, buy a car, wedding, etc.

Student loan

This type of loan is commonly used in countries like the US, UK and other European countries, since it gives more opportunity for students to excel in their studies; in Spain they are becoming increasingly more used this type of loans.

This is a loan to finance college tuition, master’s, or even finance a stay abroad, the costs of this loan are usually cheaper than a personal loan.

Types of Loans and Tips when buying your loan

Mortgage loan

This loan is more likely to get more money, this means we can qualify for a higher loan than in a personal or study, as this apart from giving our word and we will pay signature on the dates indicated, leave as collateral immovable property.

This means that if we do not pay in full the loan and exhausted all the resources, the entity that generated the loan is fully entitled to become the owner of our house legally.

To avoid the bad taste of losing our home, we can come to an agreement on quotas and make them accessible according to our budget and the amount of monthly income.

A loan is a financial obligation of great importance, regardless of their types of loans, so if you own one will be vital to organize our budget so that we do not neglect the debt.

In the area of ??loans you can get out benefited also affected, please note that you’ll need a loan, not fancy, remember to have the potential to cover the fees at the time indicated.Although financial contracts typically have preset, there are some tips you can consider to get better benefits.


One of the main tricks is that you take notice carefully at the interest rate that accompanies your loan if the interest rate is low, it will be best for you, be careful because often the low interest rate for extra commissions, which will give logic such a small percentage.

Personal loans are usually two interest rates are 8% and 12%, this will depend on the bank branch that generates your loan. Do not stay with the first option, looking more places loan competing interest rates, the loans will vary depending on the need interest, such as student loan interest can have up to 6%.

Another basic trick is to get fixated on the commissions that come in loans, these commissions are expensive loans in a disguised form.

There are commissions that are not beneficial for a loan, as these somehow make the loan more expensive when you pay in full the debt, they are, the study groups, the opening and the partial redemption the fee for early cancellation.

And finally, read the contract carefully, better if you go in the company of someone who knows laws, to give you a better sense of types of loans and what is in the contract and you are sure what you do; you must read the entire contract, to know what firms and in the future to avoid you paying more than you received.

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